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Terms & Conditions

1.Use of the Website

Guruvision Matrimony.com is owned by Guruvision Matrimony (hereinafter referred to as �the Company�, which term shall mean and include its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, shareholders, directors, executives, officers, employees, agents, and successors-in-interest and permitted assigns). 


For the purposes of this Website, "User" shall mean any person who uses the Website, and/or any of the services provided on the Website be it in any form or who views or peruses any other materials or services on the Website. Records of the use of the Website as maintained by the Company shall be treated as sufficient and acceptable proof and evidence of such use by any person. 

The Company shall be free to amend, supplement or replace any or all terms and conditions for use of this Website as hereunto fore mentioned and any such amendment shall be automatically binding and applicable to the User.

Violation of any terms of this agreement shall authorize the Company to terminate the membership of any User without any notice and without any liability for the Company to refund any part of the subscription made by the User. 

2.Registration with the Website

To register on the Website you will be required to provide certain personal information. This information includes (but is not limited to) data that specifically identifies an individual, such as a user name, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, religion, caste, sex, astrological information, photos, employment details, income details, family background, physical and health data etc. Please refer to FAQ section to identify the information that will be available to all Users of the Website and that which will be available only to those registered with our Website 

You are free to decline to provide personal information to us and/or refuse cookies in your browser, although please be aware that some of our features or services may not function properly as a result. You will have access to your personal information posted on our Website and you may edit, delete or modify the same from time to time. The User understands that the Company does not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to your Content (including any personal information) other than as specified in the Privacy Policy.

On successful registration you shall be solely responsible for the use, confidentiality and protection of the user name and the password given to you as well as for all actions using the said user name and password including any misuse or disuse of such username and password.

If in the event of the Company noticing that any person has made multiple registrations, the Company shall be free to terminate all Registrations so made without any notice to the User.


Guruvisionmatrimony.com is intended to facilitate lawful marriages between persons by providing a medium for contact between such persons. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that Users are capable of entering into a legal and binding contract of marriage as per the law applicable to them. Hence by using this Website, you confirm that you are/ you are registering for a person who is:

a. 18 years or above (if you are a woman) or 21 years or above (if you are a man);

b. Legally competent to enter into a valid contract of marriage as per the law applicable to you; and

c .Not prohibited or prevented by any applicable law for the time being in force from entering into a valid contract of marriage.

The Company reserves the right to terminate your use and / or registration with the Website without refund of any of subscription fee paid, if at any time the Company has any reason to believe that, you have made any misrepresentation about your eligibility to use this Website.


Responsibility for authenticity and rights to use any and all content and information given to the Website and transmitted through the Website to other Users shall remain solely with the User. However the User also grants the Company as well as other Users of the Website and any Third party authorized by the Company rights to use and reproduce such Content for legitimate purposes as intended by the Company. Users who use the content provided by any other User or Third Party shall be solely responsible for such use. Company shall not be for any Content, made available by any User through the Website THE USER WHO, AFTER CONSUMMATION OF MARRIAGE WITH ANOTHER USER, WISHES TO INCLUDE THE FACT OF SUCH MARRIAGE AS A SUCCESS STORY,SHALL BE LIABLE TO PRODUCE ALL DOCUMENTS AS PROOF OF SUCH MARRIAGE AS REQUIRED BY THE COMPANY, FROM THE USER OR BOTH THE USERS. THE COMPANY DOES NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEE OR COMMITMENT TO PUBLISH SUCH SUCCESS STORIES AS PROVIDED BY ANY USER AND SHALL DO SO AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION.  THE USER SHALL ALSO INFORM THE COMPANY ON CONSUMMATION OF MARRIAGE WITH ANY USER OF THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER PERSON, SO THAT HIS/HER NAME, PROFILE AND PHOTOGRAPHS ETC, CAN BE REMOVED FROM THE DATABASE TO ENSURE THAT OTHER USERS OF THE WEBSITE DO NOT CONSIDER HIM/HER AS A PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE ASPIRANT.

5.Privacy and Security Policy

Guruvision Matrimony is vowed to protecting your privacy and shall take all efforts to protect personal data provided to the Website. The company shall undertake reasonable security safeguards against such risks as loss or un-authorised use, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of data.

We understand that information passed through the means of the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure, but we leave no stone unturned to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. By using this site, you realize and agree that we will have no liability for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission or unauthorized acts of third parties.

Cookies are used in the Website to track usage of the path of a User, to collect site statistical information and improve your customer experience. You can edit your browser options to block them if you do not want the Website to use cookies to track usage of your path.

The Company undertakes not to disclose, the personal information provided by the User to any person, unless it is necessary to conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process, protect and defend The Company or its affiliates' rights, interests or property, enable the Company or its affiliated/authorized third parties to provide access to the Website (including technical maintenance thereof) and/or services to Users, share the personal information with third parties for the purpose of the Website, allow the User to use specific account information, to contact the User when required including to provide the User with information (including information for promotion of the Company�s services).

By Using the Website, you agree to receive certain specific emails from the Company relating to your membership or any alerts of any activity on the site or those of content promotion on the site. Should you not want to receive such e-mail, you may at any time cancel your subscription to such e-mails by sending a mail with the request for the same to [email protected]


The company is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or exemplary damages, (including, but not limited to, damages caused by loss of reputation, personal injury, profits loss, use, data or other intangible property, loss of user content, business interruption, loss of privacy, or any other pecuniary or personal loss) to user or any third party whatsoever resulting from any
(i) Any Errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies on the website,
(ii) Any unauthorized access to or use of the secure servers of the website and/or any and all personal information and/or financial information stored therein,
(iii) Any bugs, viruses etc, which may be transmitted to or through the website by any third party,
(iv) Any errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of user's use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the website.
(v) Any unavailability of the website or parts thereof or delay in any real time service or information provided by the website.
(vi) Any relationship between users arising out of or pursuant to use of the website or any content posted on the website or communication exchanged with any other user using the facility provided by the or using information obtained from the website, or
(vii) Error, interruption, suspension or termination of, or in, the website whether such error, interruption, suspension or termination was justified or not, negligent or intentional, inadvertent or advertent or any services provided by or through the website

The user agrees that the company shall not be liable for user posts or the defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any third party (including other users) and that the risk of harm or damage from the foregoing rests entirely with the user.

7.Subscription Fees

Any subscription fee paid for registration with the Website or for availing any services there from shall NOT be reimbursed under any circumstances whatsoever


The User agrees that no liability shall be attributable to the Company for any default in its services caused by any circumstance or unforeseen event beyond its control including acts of nature, limitations imposed by Governmental authorities, failure of internet services or telecommunication links and any mechanical failures of any computer or machines used by the Company or any Third party for operation of the Website.

Any waiver by a party of a breach of any condition/s in the Terms by the other party shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach of any condition/s in the Terms.
If any term, condition, clause or provision of the Terms becomes invalid or be so judged, the remaining terms, conditions, clauses and provisions shall be deemed severable and shall remain in full force. 

These Terms, and any rights and licenses granted hereunder, may not be transferred or assigned by User, but may be assigned by the Company without restriction. 

The Website and the User's use of the Website and the provision of services by the Website are governed solely by Indian law. The Website, having its operational Headquarters based in Kochi, Kerala shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Kochi, Kerala, India, to the exclusion of all other courts that may otherwise have had such jurisdiction in all matters, liability and disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this Website, any Contents and the provision of service by the Website.