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"To build a family is more difficult than to build an empire" - Julius Caesar

It is on the solid foundation of matrimony that the society is based on. Life is the house of love built on this foundation. A marriage is the beginning of a new life and living bonded in matrimony is the beginning of living life in all its meaning and happiness.

We at Guruvision Matrimony, are guided by the noble ideals and messages given to this world by Sree Narayana Gurudev. We believe that social upliftment is possible only through the upliftment of each person in all facets of life be it spiritual or temporal. To achieve this, Our Gurudev has spread the lofty ideals of universal brother hood which should form the basis for our life and avocation.

Guruvision Matrimony has therefore been formed with the vision to reestablish the unity of the Ezhavas and Thiyyas of the World through matrimonial bond. Marriages are made in heaven but we help each person to find his ideal partner from within the community, anywhere in the World. With increasing dependence on Information technology to manage all activities, we, at Guruvision Matrimony are convinced that a matrimonial portal with an in depth data base of profiles will be the best platform for each eligible Ezhava boy or girl to locate his partner with the fastness of the Internet and the convenience of a mouse click.

Registration as a member with guruvisionmatrimony.com, entitles you to upload your profile with photos and horoscope details. While the free search option is open to all members, paid membership under our Classic, Premium and Premium Plus Membership clubs, at a conservative one time fee,(which is valid till the occurrence of marriage of member) on gives access to contact details of all members and exclusive facilities like sending personalized messages and online matching of horoscopes.

The Website has been so designed to contain all relevant information about our services. If any doubts still persist, feel free to use our FAQ page, or write to [email protected]

Let us together locate your soul-mate

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Team Guruvision